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About England


Population: 54.7 million (2015 estimate)
Date ABWE entered: 1984
Major Ministries: Church Planting & Church Restoration

England is the largest part of the United Kingdom, which also includes Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Geographically it is a small country about the size of Alabama, but its population equals one-quarter of the United States. Its location in the northern Atlantic on a parallel with Canada means it has long hours of daylight in the summer and short days in winter. The Atlantic gulf stream makes the climate very mild, ranging from the 30’s to the 80’s (F). These moderate temperatures along with abundant rainfall produce the lovely green hills that are so striking to visitors.

From the fifteenth century England colonized all over the world, extending its influence to the point where “the sun never set on the British Empire.” In literature, law, and technology England’s influence has been incalculable.

For centuries England was a monarchy ruled by different families of kings and queens. Despite the problems of the largely ceremonial monarchy of modern day, it remains relatively popular. A parliamentary government functioning in a pluralistic political environment now guides the United Kingdom.

After the two World Wars, the glory of the Victorian era faded. Other nations surpassed England’s industrial output; the British Empire matured and fragmented and in some cases the colonials outdistanced the mother country. The English pound has suffered devaluation, while a creeping socialization has dampened the resolve of England’s people.

Perhaps the greatest erosion of glory is in the spiritual realm. Christianity was introduced to England in the apostolic age, and its early corruption followed the trend occurring throughout Europe. In the sixteenth century the Roman Catholic Church in England severed its ties with Rome and became the Church of England known as the Anglican Church. Reformers tried to purify the state church without success.

During the nineteenth century hundreds of missionaries carried the gospel from England to nearly every comer of the globe. Today, however, the nation that once stood as a lighthouse of truth is suffering awesome spiritual darkness. Less than six percent of its people attend any church regularly.

In spite of this spiritual vacuum, many religious systems—Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, spiritists, Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs—have moved into England. Some 65,000 witches ply their trade in the British Isles.

ABWE entered England in 1984, making the southwest counties its target for church planting. The city of Bristol, with a population of 750,000, served as a base from which to expand.  Our team in currently involved church works in London, Birmingham, Swindon, and Sunderland.

The ABWE missionaries use a variety of strategies in evangelism, all designed to establish Bible-believing Baptistic churches and to help rebuild and restore those churches currently in a state of decline.

Couples are needed to continue the work of the ABWE team in England. Single missionaries and short-termers may also wish to apply. Because of the nature of the country and its people, new recruits must have determination and perseverance, the ability to work on a team, a high degree of flexibility, a willingness to adapt to the culture, and a dependence upon God in everything.